Water Heater Sales and Installation in Jefferson, PA

Watson & Sons Plumbing Provides Trustworthy Hot Water Heater Sales

Watson & Sons Plumbing is the trusted leader in water heater sales and installation in Jefferson, PA, and the surrounding areas. We have a variety of water heaters available to suit your needs. Watson & Sons Plumbing offers high-efficiency, tankless water heaters and fast recovery tanks, as well as conventional tank water heaters. All of the water heaters that we sell and install are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulated. If you need a new hot water tank installed, give Watson & Sons Plumbing a call at (724) 883-4787.

Our Contractors Do Reliable Water Heater Repairs in Jefferson, PA

Your hot water heater is a vital part of your home or business. A malfunctioning water heater can become a big inconvenience and very costly. We all use hot water to cook, clean, and bathe. A small problem can lead to a big life disruption. Some of the common symptoms of a hot water heater problem are:
  • • Water Leaks
  • • No Hot Water
  • • Strange-Smelling Hot Water
  • • Tank Takes a Long Time to Reheat
  • • Low Hot Water Pressure
  • • Water Too Hot or Too Cold
If you experience any problems with your hot water heater, call Watson & Sons Plumbing for a professional examination. Our experts will diagnose the problem and find an effective solution.

Offering Commercial and Residential Water Heater Installation

The average life of a hot water heater is 10 to 15 years. Our team will let you know if you need a water heater replacement. Our plumbers will work with you to determine your hot water needs. We consider many factors to determine if you need a new tank or if your current tank can be repaired. You can trust Watson & Sons plumbing for our professional installations and repairs.

Watson & Sons Plumbing is the most trusted name in water heater sales and installation in Jefferson, PA.